6 Steps to Launch Your Freelancing Career

Posted at 27/07/2015 by

Freelancing on the side is a great way to make a little extra cash or pursue a hobby. But for some passionate creatives and entrepreneurial types there comes a time when they wonder if they should make the move to full-time freelancing. With freelance work being such an enticing prospect, no one would blame you for giving it some serious thought. However,… Read More

How to Invoice your Clients

Posted at 20/07/2015 by

Every freelancer’s least favourite part of running their own business. You’ve pitched, landed the job, delivered your work…and now it’s time to get your money. That’s exactly what we’re going to share with you in this post: how to invoice your clients for the work you do and how you can accept their payments with ease. Grab your business hat and… Read More

5 Effective Hiring Tips for Early-Stage Startups

Posted at 16/07/2015 by

You don’t have much of a company without a strong, dedicated team. Yet, the hiring process can be challenging, from sourcing candidates, screening and interviewing them to making the final evaluations. The competition for candidates today means some job seekers might have many tempting job options. Early-stage startups are pitted against bigger businesses with their army of recruiters, heavy branding campaigns and seemingly unlimited swag…. Read More

7 Common start-up bookkeeping mistakes

Posted at 13/07/2015 by
Notepad, laptop and coffee cup on wood table

Starting your own business is exciting. You could be doing it for any number of reasons and there will be 101 things to sort out. In the rush to get off the ground, bookkeeping often gets relegated to the bottom of the start-up to-do list. For many new business owners, the main reason is there are always seemingly more important… Read More

Basic Accounting Tips for Freelance Web Designers

Posted at 09/07/2015 by
A large amount of bills spread all over the place

How do you feel about accounting? How much do you even know about what kind of accounting records you need to keep? If you’re like most web designers, Bookkeeping isn’t your favorite part of freelancing. But keeping accurate records is an important part of running a business. It’s so important, in fact, that keeping good accounting records sometimes means the difference between… Read More

How To Double Your Rates Without Scaring Off Your Clients

Posted at 06/07/2015 by

Imagine for a moment that you’re driving down the highway and you’re low on fuel. You pull off at the next exit and see two gas stations. To your surprise, the one on the right side of the street wants $4 a gallon, but on the left side of the street they’re only asking for $2. Where are you going… Read More

5 Ways Freelancers Can Launch Your Startup

Posted at 02/07/2015 by

  These are great times to work as a freelancer. The freelancing industry is catching on like wild fire, with more and more money being poured into the mix. There are already tons of businesses using the industry. If you are a young, up and coming entrepreneur, you want your startup running on the lowest of overheads. Cutting costs and… Read More

Are old-school accounting methods holding back your business?

Posted at 29/06/2015 by

There’s so much to get your head around when you start up a new business. From sales to marketing to getting your website or brick-and-mortar presence just right, the set-up phase can feel like a whirlwind. With so much to do establishing a new business, startup owners can feel too swamped to give their business financials much thought. Setting up… Read More

Achieving Business Growth Through The Cloud

Posted at 25/06/2015 by

The Cloud technology is an essential part of the small business world today, with conferences such as the Cloud World Forum bringing in the best and the brightest in the industry to speak on new and upcoming trends in this market segment. Darren Smith, Senior Director of Salesforce, Steven Bryen, Solution Architect of Amazon Web Services, and Thierry Bedos, CTo of… Read More

Reasons Small Businesses Should Migrate to the Cloud

Posted at 22/06/2015 by

Cloud computing can mean big changes for small businesses. Those changes have been realized by many of today’s small-business owners, from tech startups in the heart of Silicon Valley to urban and small-town mom-and-pop shops.   Today, 37 percent of U.S. small businesses have fully adapted to cloud computing, and a 2014 Intuit study predicts that percentage will more than… Read More

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